Dodos Riding Dinos

Created by Detestable Games

Dexterity racing game for 1-6 players with funny miniatures and art. Dodos and Dinos from the same universe as War for Chicken Island.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

We are almost there! Go go go Roooarmy!!!
9 days ago – Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 05:55:04 PM

Hi Dodino Island!

We are almost there! 

We need your help! We're in the final lap for being one of the Top 50 most expected games for 2021 in Board Game Geek. If you haven't voted for Dodos riding Dinos... what are you waiting for? Please go to this page and click the "Green thumbs-up button". This first step will finish next Saturday! So hurry up! 

We count on you! Click to vote!

Our next campaign:  "Waiting for..."

We are almost there! 

As some of you maybe saw in the comments section, there're some Roooarmy members with the text in their usernames: "Waiting for backing a Kiwi game". Ok, it seems that it will be our first social goal for our next campaign (and also the slogan for backer Jonhy's presidential election). So, the pending topic about the name for the next game was solved ...drumroll..

Time to change your nickname to: "Waiting for backing Kiwi Chow Down!"

Kiwi Chow Down is the third game in the Creature Kingdom Universe. The kiwi fruit season has begun in the Kiwi Island. Voracious Kiwi rush to the best places to eat. If anyone is in their path, they could be pushed.

Do you like the Kiwi art? Work in progress*

Kiwi Chow Down is an Action Selection, Resource Management and Area Majority game where the greater area you control in the island zones, the bigger amount of kiwi fruit you can eat. Take control by claiming dominance on the different terrains. Feeding your Kiwi will grant you new dominance markers. Build structures to improve your tribe abilities.

Final Design pending... stay tuned

 We are still having cultural consultancy to be respectful with Māori culture. While the game is not based in New Zealand, kiwi is an unofficial national emblem for New Zealanders (and we definitely want to depict everything in this game in a respectful way).

We are almost there!




Finally we arrived!

The Dodos Riding Dinos Pre Production Copy!

 We know you're here because you want to see the Boreal track. It's amazing, please take a look:

In person, the foil finish looks amazing! Believe us, you will be strongly surprised when you get your game. This board is so awesome! Its beauty cannot be captured by the lens, you must see it with your own eyes. We're sure the tabletop community will talk a lot about it.

What is the PPC? (Pre-production copy) It is a sample for all the printed components of the game. It allows us to verify details on physical samples such as color adjustments, materials, finishes, etc. We're already working in the final corrections and we expect the mass production will begin this month. Here're more photos.

As we mentioned, we expect enter to mass production this month. We already sent the Spanish, French, German and Italian files. The final changes are moving on... so...

What's next?

  • When the mass production begins, we'll send you the updated Print and Play files for all languages.
  • The mass production process estimated time is about 10 weeks, it could mean the games will be available in April, but the Chinese New Year will stop the process during two weeks. So a best guess is the game will be available in May for starting the shipping to the distribution centers in all the world.
  • Meanwhile, Gnomosapiens will be working on the Digital Art Book.
  • In the same way, Draco Studios will continue with the One Shot RPG adventure for Dodos riding Dinos. We already read some pages and they look very fun.

As you can see and as we named this update, we're almost there. We're far away from being tired, we are veeeery excited! so stay tuned for more updates with any single news we get from the Panda factory.

Keep running! Roooaaaaarrr!!!

Happy New Year! We need your help for being one of the Most Anticipated Games of 2021
20 days ago – Wed, Jan 06, 2021 at 07:56:30 PM

Happy New Year Roooarmy!!!

We want to start the year in the right way. So, we need your help. Dodos riding Dinos was nominated as one of the most anticipated games in Boardgamegeek  (Thanks a lot Alexander Drescher!). This is a popularity contest. We have until Sunday, January 17, 2021, for being one of the Top 50 games with the most likes. It would be a hard quest, but we are the best Roooarmy in the world, aren't we? So, please sign in into your BGG account and support us in this link:

We count on you!!! Let make this happen!!! Roooaaarrr!!!

But wait a minute... Why Dodos riding Dinos deserves a place in the most anticipated games in BGG? Did we already tell you that is absolutely awesome? Don't believe us? Please listen to Edo Baraf and Kickstarter Radio. 

(Spoilers: We are top 3 and top 8 in these videos!) 

We have more evidences that will freeze you. Finally the miniatures that Panda sent us have arrived. What can we say? They're beautiful. Dodos riding Dinos will have top quality, guaranteed. Please take a look to the samples, all of them are in gray color, but remember in the final game, each one will have a unique color.

All the crew is almost ready for the Dodino Cup!!!

In the next days, the Pre Production Copy will be delivered. We can expect it will contain the colored miniatures. In the same way, we're very excited to see the most beautiful board in all the board games history! Roooaarrrr!!!

Until that happens, take a look to these close ups.

Riggs & Sauro
Kaisen & Achilles
Seeley & Lio
Osborn & Reynaldo
War for Chicken Island crossover: Nicholas & Mechadimetrodon
Parks & Cris
Othniel & Tracy
Oberndorfer & The JJJ's
Barnum & Helmut
Stromer & Spencer
Dragon of the Red Moon crossover: Kux & Babbey
Cuvier & Patrice
Godefroit & Valery
Marsh & Spike

What do you think about the miniature samples? Leave us your thoughts in the comments! 

We will receive all components in the Pre-Production copy very soon!

Kiwi the next game!

As you can remember, in our last update we ask you for name options for our next game. We're almost there, in the next update we'll reveal the selected name! Besides, an important topic we noticed in the comments, was there were feedback from New Zealand backers about a proper treatment if we'll work with native cultures. In spite of the game is not based in Māori culture, we understand there is a logic (maybe obvious) relation because we're working with islands, tribes and kiwi. So, we ear you, Draco Studios and Detestable Games have a strong compromise with cultural sensitivity and proper representation if one or more of the tribes make any reference to Māori culture, so William organized a first cultural consultation with Morgana Watson, a Māori Culture consultant from New Zealand.

Thanks Morgana and William, we learnt a lot!

 We will keep having cultural consultancy to review art and other stages of the project.

We're very excited with this next game. There're already people in Mexico playtesting it and saying that gameplay is even better than Dodos riding Dinos and that's a very strong statement! For now we can tell you Dodos riding Dinos is the best dexterity racing game with Dodos and Dinos in the world! And Kiwi will be the best game with Kiwi and Kiwi fruits in the world. For proving our words, here's a sneak peek of the concept art! 

CONCEPT ART. Meet two Kiwi tribes. Gnomosapiens is doing an outstanding job. Work in progress*

Stay tuned for our next update. We'll reveal more details about Kiwi!

Shoutout! Eldritch Century 3D printable files

As you may know, our partner Draco Studios has several different teams working in different universes (product lines). One of them is LAIR, focused on 3D printing models, and another works in Eldritch Century, a cosmic horror alternate-history Earth in the 20th century.

Love 3D-printing minis? Love mind-bending horror stories or RPGs? Eldritch miniatures and tales, a campaign from Lair and based in Draco Studios’ Eldritch Century, is live now on Kickstarter with multiple low-cost ($5) STL bundles. 

Europe is flooded with an endless fog known as the miasma. Strange creatures and impossible corruption now cover the Lost Continent, and the factions that have formed around the rest of the world continually delve into the miasma for their own agendas. All seek power, all seek to have that slightly upper hand over their competition. But the miasma is indifferent and the theory remains: it will expand once more.

Intrigued? Find more information here:

Oh and as usual with Draco Studios and LAIR campaigns, backers from Dodos Riding Dinos are eligible for the extra perks to returning backers.

Have you ever seen a Dodoñata?
about 1 month ago – Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 01:14:05 AM

Hi Dodino Island. How are you?

We have exciting news! Panda Game Manufacturing sent us more component samples and we want to share them with you.

But first, all the team wish you happy holidays! 2020 has been a weird year, but for us, on the bright side it was a very special one because Dodos Riding Dinos came to life thanks to your support and the Pre-production copy is almost here so let's celebrate!

Obyñata and The Test Table Team

If you don't know what is a Piñata, we can tell you "La Piñata" is a Mexican tradition during "Las Posadas" a party we celebrate days before Xmas. The piñata is full of candies and you take turns to beat it until it breaks. As you can imagine, we have all sorts of piñatas in our country.

Nobody, human or dodo, was injured during the production of this film.

The Samples

But enough for Piñata's 101. Let go to the samples. We received the Dodimeeples and the Projectile Tokens (wood and foam versions). What we can tell you? We loved them!!! Rooooaaarrr. Please take a look.

All the crew are ready to run!!! Roooaaarrr!!!
Are you ready to aim?

We also did tests and we're very satisfied with the components quality. Believe us, Dodos riding Dinos will be beautiful!

Right now you will be able to sleep well again due to our conclusion after playing with them is: Dodimeeples won't be damaged with the dexterity hits. They'll resist all the impacts looking for being the next Dodino Island ruler.  

What's next?

We already forwarded the samples to William at Draco Studios for their validation. 

Panda GM told us we can expect the arrival for the Pre-production copy during the last week of the year. so hopefully this won't be the last update of the year. We'll keep you informed with any news!

Top Golden Meeple

Finally, today the Top Golden Meeple 2020 award was revealed. This is a popularity contest where the community vote for their favorite Mexican publisher and we won! We got the most votes out of 29 nominated publishers.

We also are very happy for Draco Studios, who took the Second place. Without your help in this project this couldn't be achieved. Thank you Rooooaaarmy, you are the best.

For sure Kiwis will lead us again to the Top 1 in 2021

Happy holidays, stay safe! 


Patrice & Cuvier Roll the Dice: The First PANDA GM Sample.
about 2 months ago – Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 10:39:38 PM

Hi Dodino Island. How are you ?

We have exciting news for the Roooarmy! Patrice & Cuvier brought us the first samples from Panda Game Manufacturing. Here's a video we prepared so you can witness Ruben's reaction (game designer and graphic designer for Dodos Riding Dinos). 

The dice will be of different color in the Pre-Production copy and the final game.  

No Dodinos were injured during this trip. For sure, we will tell Patrice & Cuvier that the Pacific Ocean is a shorter trip for the next delivery.

Panda also did adjustments to the miniatures files to optimize them for plastic injection manufacture. There have been little changes in some models. We can't wait to see the pre-production copy!

Can you spot the differences?
These changes allow the best quality performance! Panda GM guarantee! Roooarrr!!!

What else the Detestable team are doing during this waiting time?

  • Besides making short films, we've been working with our localization partners Giochix (Italy), Legion Distribution (FR) and TL Games (Germany); the translations are almost ready!
  • We're also doing the War for Chicken Island fullfiment in Mexico for Draco Studios. It's a training session for Dodos Riding Dinos next year.
  • The development for the third game in the Avian Archipelago trilogy is in progress. This time we will arrive to an island full of Kiwi birds.

It is harvest season and different tribes of kiwi birds move around the island to claim the best kiwi fruits, they don't mind pushing members from any tribe to get the fruits first, which gets somewhat chaotic as the kiwis grow!

We are in a quest to find the best name the new game, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! 

As you might recall, with the third game from Creature Kingdoms, we will introduce a new game experience that will allow you to merge components from all three games. We are still in the first steps from the merging experience but we can already say that it will be awesome!

See you in the next update! Stay safe!


100% and Split Shipping soon
3 months ago – Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 01:50:27 AM

Hi Roooaarmy!

How are you?

We have a big new. Do you remember we told you we were missing some files for finishing the upload to the factory? Ok, that issue is already fixed. We have sent all the files to Panda Manufacturing some weeks ago, we're now in the "be patient zone". We hope we'll be there for a short time. But we are delighted to share that we are moving fast.

The boxes for the expansions were missing

Meanwhile, here are some of the last spoilers. You know, an update without spoilers doesn't feel like an update (at least, as an exciting one).

What the Dodo with these illustrations!!! Any guess-roooaar?

Well, since we are waiting for samples from the factory we will have to share other news.

Split shipping 

Today we received a War for Chicken Island update. If you selected split shipping in your pledge and included add-ons of War for Chicken Island or any of our past games (Detestable Games), you'll get your game soon. They're still travelling in the ocean, but Draco Studios provided the following ETA for all cargoes to the distribution centers:

  •  United States (Gamerati): October 22nd
  •  Mexico (Detestable Games): November 3rd 
  •  Canada (Gamerati): October 22nd
  •  Asia & Australia (VFI Asia): October 22nd
  •  United Kingdom (Boardgame Guru): November 12th
  •  Rest of Europe (Happyshops): November 3rd
  •  Rest of the World (Happyshops): November 3rd

Yes you do, you read well, in Detestable Games we also do fulfillment for our country (our team is not only handsome, it's also multitask! Roooaaarrr!!!). What does this mean? You can expect to receive your game two weeks after they are received in the proper distribution hub of your region, when the pick & packing process finishes in the fulfillment centers.

STL files and Lair account

We have received messages from backers with STL files rewards who didn't get the email from Lair. Adrian is taking all the info and two times per week he sends a report to Itzel at Lair HQ. Thus, don't worry, all your issues will be solved.

We asked Pam from Lair and she let us know that on Friday the team will re-send all emails for backers who let us know that they couldn't locate the proper email with the access to the STL and PnP files.

On the other hand, for those who already get the files and the PnP. How are yours prints and plays going? We're hungry for your feedback! Share pictures and links ROAAAAAR!!!

The Great Wyrms of Drakha

Do you enjoy playing RPGs? Do you like dragons? Take a look to this new campaign from our friends of Draco Studios. They have HUGE dragons and big adventures for you! With MASSIVE 3D printable lairs for them.

Click to see campaign

This dragons are around 200mm tall and have a lot of detail for an appealing Kickstarter price.

Kux & Babbey in Dodos Riding Dinos!

Remember Kux & Babbey? It is based on this dragon, Kuxcoatl, as illustrated by Tom Babbey, a cross-over from Great Wyrms of Drakha (Dragons of the Red Moon). And you can get the gargantuan plastic miniature for $50 USD of bundle it with other dragons/RPG book.

Kuxcoatl. Concept art by Tom Babbey, Miniature Paintjob by Angel Giraldez.

Since Dodos Riding Dinos is co-published with Draco Studios, returning backers from this campaign are also elegible for the loyalty reward (an exclusive 3D-printable pack for unreleased models)

Let's show our friends form Draco how load dinosaurs from Dodino island ROAAAAAAR in a world of dragons.

See you soon!!!