Dodos Riding Dinos

Created by Detestable Games

Dexterity racing game for 1-6 players with funny miniatures and art. Dodos and Dinos from the same universe as War for Chicken Island.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Creature Kingdomverse
8 days ago – Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 12:47:24 AM

Hi Dodino Island,

How have been your time in the Patience Zone? We're almost there, we have something to show you about the game components and an important date to share.

But first, we want to ask you something...

Which is the best future for the Creature Kingdomverse?

As you may already know, with Kiwi Chow Down nearly to be launched (there will be a lot of info about this in the next update), we'll finish the Avian Archipelago trilogy. The 3 games will be able to merge in a single gaming experience.

Originally we had an idea of how to achieve this, but with your amazing response in the comments here,  in War for Chicken Island and in Draco Studios' social media, there are some new community-suggestions and ideas that we believe is worth exploring.

We need your help for taking the best decision! 

Please go and fill this survey

(and look for a secret link in the survey confirmation once done)

We'll share the results in an upcoming update! 

What will happen if we put together a Chicken, a Dodo and a Kiwi in a box?

What's in the box

Here we go Roooarmy, we have an exclusive image, never seen before until now. And the final piece of the puzzle! 

If you were thinking of how you'll order your game, here's the answer. Be our guests and take a look to the plastic tray prototype photo that Panda sent us a few days ago. We think is a great design! And you will be able to fit sleeved cards and even the promos available in this campaign.   

This is a sample from China but of course your games will have a black tray instead of transparent. 

WIP. The final plastic color will be black.

Our manufacturer (Panda GM) told us they will send us the First Mass Production Copy in May 10th, we hope we'll get it during May 17th and from there, we will see the unboxing for the advanced copy!!!    

What would you like to see in the unboxing video?  

We are delighted because this marks that we are already mid-way through production! With all molds and tooling prepared and ready to finish production for all the 7000 copies of Dodos Riding Dinos!

Here's our current estimate for timeline:

  •  Mass production finishing in June 21st.
  •  Freight shipping to fulfillment partners finishing in mid July 18th.
  •  Fulfillment starting in late July 25th!

Just a couple of months more!!!  



Now that we are entering in the final stretch of production, Kiwi Chow Down is approaching to Kickstarter!  Would you like to see a (very) preliminar preview? You will find a secret link once you submit your survey response

Make sure to click "Notify me on launch" in the secret link so you secure your seat for the early bird! 

We are eager to see how many of you complete this quest all the way until the Notify me on launch button. 

START YOUR QUEST HERE! Click to enter into this perfectly normal portal-nest


What's happening in the patient zone?
about 1 month ago – Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 08:09:46 PM

Hi Dodino Island. How are you?

As we already told you in the update #41, we're running in the patient zone. The production process still is going on. We eager to receive the Mass Production Copy to share it with you, maybe this week Panda give us a delivery date. 

While there are no news for production some of you have been asking for the shipping dates, and while we have shared in past projects about delivery date being pushed, we prepared a visual dodino run with our updated timeline. 

Finishing development and prepress took longer than expected so, we the project is delayed (which was mentioned in past updates) but now we have this updated timeline and we can assure you the game you receive will be worth the wait, the foil mat and the revisions on the component samples helped us shape a better game. While this is not a 12 month delay like our friends from Chicken Island, it is still almost 6 months, so we are committed to keep improving and deal with shorter delays in future projects.

There haven't been any issues in the production process... so keep your claws crossed. Rrroooaaarrr!!!



Ok, ok, you win, we have something to show you.  Do you remember this video?

We received the updated sample with the proper colors; first time, the factory sent both dice in the same tone of blue, while we promised different-colored dice. Please take a look.

Meanwhile, in the Kiwi Island

So, since there are not a lot of news to share at this moment, we want to show you some samples for Kiwi Chow Down.  

Our 3D sculptor Heriberto has finished the Kiwi leaders and Adrian printed 2 of them. Each leader has a unique ability and they are very powerful. If you use it in the right moment, it could be a game changer during that round. We'll talk more about the gameplay very soon, for now, take a look to this sneak peek.

Burbus name is a placeholder
Which would be the right name for this Kiwi leader?

Feel free to propose names for these leaders in the comments section! We would love to have these characters named by you, our dear backers! Who knows? Maybe some of them will have a card to play in other game titles from Creature Kingdoms...

Remember, if you want to test Kiwi Chow Down on Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator, join Draco Studios Discord server and stay tuned for news in some weeks. We already have a bunch of Kiwi contenders, we are updating the last topics with the simulation interface and we'll start the play dates very soon!!! Stay tuned.

Shoutout to another Draco Studios universe

As you know, Dodos Riding Dinos, War for Chicken Island, and Kiwi Chow Down are part of Draco Studios' universe Creature Kingdoms. But Draco Studios has other universes Eldritch Century and Dragonbond. If you are into 3D printing, take a look at the new Dragonbond release for 3D printable miniatures for an upcoming Dragonbond wargame. 

Click to visit campaign


See you soon roooarmy!!!

Multilingual Dodinos
2 months ago – Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 02:18:21 PM

Hi Dodino Island!

Finally, here're the rules in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. We've uploaded the files in Board Game Geek, please take a look in the following link to find the edited rulebooks.

Rules for all. Dodos riding Dinos rules!!!

In the same way, if you got the STL and PnP reward, you should already have an email for LAIR with the final Print & Play files available in all language versions. If you already printed the English files, don't worry, there were just some minor edits, mostly to the rulebook.

If you didn't receive the email, please contact:

We eager to see your comments about your game experience. Please remember Cup Mode is the full game experience. So, choose your favorite Dodino and run for the Dodo Egg Throne.

If you added the Print and Play files for War for Chicken Island in the pledge manager, you will find them in your Lair library within the next few days. 

Let's eat a Kiwi fruit for patience

As we told you in Update 41, right now the Panda production is paused due to the Chinese New Year. We hope we'll have news for you about this process during the final days of February. What do we do for not going bananas during this waiting? We're developing another great game for the Creature Kingdoms Universe!

We're preparing the physical prototypes for Kiwi Chow Down. We already have the 3D sculpts for two Kiwi leaders. Again, our friend Heriberto Valle is doing this fantastic job and you can expect the same great quality miniatures as Dodos Riding Dinos. We'll be ready to share some images in the next update... Wait... Do you want spoilers?... Ok, here's a sneak peak for the box cover art.

What do you think? Did you like it? Work in progress*

We have another good news. The game is ready in Tabletopia for testing sessions and it will be also available in Tabletop Simulator by the end of the week. If you are interested in giving Kiwi Chow Down a chance, let us know in the comments or send us a message! 

Nice to see you Roooarmy! Stay safe!

We're Top 50! We want to be Top 20!! Help us!!! Roooaaaarrr!!!!
3 months ago – Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 01:49:53 AM

Hi Roooarmy.

As you already know, we asked for your help for being one of the Top 50 most anticipated games in 2021 in Board Game Geek. We did it! Now we're in the second stage and we need you again.

Vote for Dodos Riding Dinos!!!

In Mexico there is an old saying that goes: Horse that catches up with the lead runner, wins! So, let's make it happen. Help us with your vote in the following categories: Top 20 - Dice - Family. Please go to this link and let's do a new saying: Dodino that reaches wins! 

See you next week with an updated about the new Digital proofs.


We are almost there! Go go go Roooarmy!!!
3 months ago – Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 05:55:04 PM

Hi Dodino Island!

We are almost there! 

We need your help! We're in the final lap for being one of the Top 50 most expected games for 2021 in Board Game Geek. If you haven't voted for Dodos riding Dinos... what are you waiting for? Please go to this page and click the "Green thumbs-up button". This first step will finish next Saturday! So hurry up! 

We count on you! Click to vote!

Our next campaign:  "Waiting for..."

We are almost there! 

As some of you maybe saw in the comments section, there're some Roooarmy members with the text in their usernames: "Waiting for backing a Kiwi game". Ok, it seems that it will be our first social goal for our next campaign (and also the slogan for backer Jonhy's presidential election). So, the pending topic about the name for the next game was solved ...drumroll..

Time to change your nickname to: "Waiting for backing Kiwi Chow Down!"

Kiwi Chow Down is the third game in the Creature Kingdom Universe. The kiwi fruit season has begun in the Kiwi Island. Voracious Kiwi rush to the best places to eat. If anyone is in their path, they could be pushed.

Do you like the Kiwi art? Work in progress*

Kiwi Chow Down is an Action Selection, Resource Management and Area Majority game where the greater area you control in the island zones, the bigger amount of kiwi fruit you can eat. Take control by claiming dominance on the different terrains. Feeding your Kiwi will grant you new dominance markers. Build structures to improve your tribe abilities.

Final Design pending... stay tuned

 We are still having cultural consultancy to be respectful with Māori culture. While the game is not based in New Zealand, kiwi is an unofficial national emblem for New Zealanders (and we definitely want to depict everything in this game in a respectful way).

We are almost there!




Finally we arrived!

The Dodos Riding Dinos Pre Production Copy!

 We know you're here because you want to see the Boreal track. It's amazing, please take a look:

In person, the foil finish looks amazing! Believe us, you will be strongly surprised when you get your game. This board is so awesome! Its beauty cannot be captured by the lens, you must see it with your own eyes. We're sure the tabletop community will talk a lot about it.

What is the PPC? (Pre-production copy) It is a sample for all the printed components of the game. It allows us to verify details on physical samples such as color adjustments, materials, finishes, etc. We're already working in the final corrections and we expect the mass production will begin this month. Here're more photos.

As we mentioned, we expect enter to mass production this month. We already sent the Spanish, French, German and Italian files. The final changes are moving on... so...

What's next?

  • When the mass production begins, we'll send you the updated Print and Play files for all languages.
  • The mass production process estimated time is about 10 weeks, it could mean the games will be available in April, but the Chinese New Year will stop the process during two weeks. So a best guess is the game will be available in May for starting the shipping to the distribution centers in all the world.
  • Meanwhile, Gnomosapiens will be working on the Digital Art Book.
  • In the same way, Draco Studios will continue with the One Shot RPG adventure for Dodos riding Dinos. We already read some pages and they look very fun.

As you can see and as we named this update, we're almost there. We're far away from being tired, we are veeeery excited! so stay tuned for more updates with any single news we get from the Panda factory.

Keep running! Roooaaaaarrr!!!