Dodos Riding Dinos

Created by Detestable Games

Dexterity racing game for 1-6 players with funny miniatures and art. Dodos and Dinos from the same universe as War for Chicken Island.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

100% and Split Shipping soon
8 days ago – Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 01:50:27 AM

Hi Roooaarmy!

How are you?

We have a big new. Do you remember we told you we were missing some files for finishing the upload to the factory? Ok, that issue is already fixed. We have sent all the files to Panda Manufacturing some weeks ago, we're now in the "be patient zone". We hope we'll be there for a short time. But we are delighted to share that we are moving fast.

The boxes for the expansions were missing

Meanwhile, here are some of the last spoilers. You know, an update without spoilers doesn't feel like an update (at least, as an exciting one).

What the Dodo with these illustrations!!! Any guess-roooaar?

Well, since we are waiting for samples from the factory we will have to share other news.

Split shipping 

Today we received a War for Chicken Island update. If you selected split shipping in your pledge and included add-ons of War for Chicken Island or any of our past games (Detestable Games), you'll get your game soon. They're still travelling in the ocean, but Draco Studios provided the following ETA for all cargoes to the distribution centers:

  •  United States (Gamerati): October 22nd
  •  Mexico (Detestable Games): November 3rd 
  •  Canada (Gamerati): October 22nd
  •  Asia & Australia (VFI Asia): October 22nd
  •  United Kingdom (Boardgame Guru): November 12th
  •  Rest of Europe (Happyshops): November 3rd
  •  Rest of the World (Happyshops): November 3rd

Yes you do, you read well, in Detestable Games we also do fulfillment for our country (our team is not only handsome, it's also multitask! Roooaaarrr!!!). What does this mean? You can expect to receive your game two weeks after they are received in the proper distribution hub of your region, when the pick & packing process finishes in the fulfillment centers.

STL files and Lair account

We have received messages from backers with STL files rewards who didn't get the email from Lair. Adrian is taking all the info and two times per week he sends a report to Itzel at Lair HQ. Thus, don't worry, all your issues will be solved.

We asked Pam from Lair and she let us know that on Friday the team will re-send all emails for backers who let us know that they couldn't locate the proper email with the access to the STL and PnP files.

On the other hand, for those who already get the files and the PnP. How are yours prints and plays going? We're hungry for your feedback! Share pictures and links ROAAAAAR!!!

The Great Wyrms of Drakha

Do you enjoy playing RPGs? Do you like dragons? Take a look to this new campaign from our friends of Draco Studios. They have HUGE dragons and big adventures for you! With MASSIVE 3D printable lairs for them.

Click to see campaign

This dragons are around 200mm tall and have a lot of detail for an appealing Kickstarter price.

Kux & Babbey in Dodos Riding Dinos!

Remember Kux & Babbey? It is based on this dragon, Kuxcoatl, as illustrated by Tom Babbey, a cross-over from Great Wyrms of Drakha (Dragons of the Red Moon). And you can get the gargantuan plastic miniature for $50 USD of bundle it with other dragons/RPG book.

Kuxcoatl. Concept art by Tom Babbey, Miniature Paintjob by Angel Giraldez.

Since Dodos Riding Dinos is co-published with Draco Studios, returning backers from this campaign are also elegible for the loyalty reward (an exclusive 3D-printable pack for unreleased models)

Let's show our friends form Draco how load dinosaurs from Dodino island ROAAAAAAR in a world of dragons.

See you soon!!!

Dodo is in the Lair
27 days ago – Fri, Oct 02, 2020 at 04:27:43 AM

**Bass groove starts**

Dodo is in the Lair, everywhere I look around...

Dodo is in the Lair, every file and every card

And I don't know if I'm being foolish
Don't know if I'm being wise
But it's something that I must believe in
And it's there when I look in your game

Yeah, while you're singing with Dodo Paul Young, the updated and edited English Print and Play & STL Files are being distributed. If you selected the digital ($12) reward tier, selected the optional add-on in Backerkit or you were a Day-1 Backer you should be receiving the updated version of the Print and Play through Lair, our group 3D marketplace.

Check your e-mail inbox, Spam or promotions folder for a message from Lair and access using your e-mail address tied with your Kickstarter profile along with your provided password (in the email). 

The Spanish, German, French and Italian versions for the print & play will be available at the beginning of 2021

What exactly you'll receive?

1. Updated Print and Play (English)

2. Updated 13 STL files (12 Dodino racers + Kux & Babbey)

3. English Rulebook

What changed?

Texts have been edited, some cards' effects balanced, we included all gameplay modes and we adjusted the sizes for the 3D files to the proper scale. This doesn't mean the previous files we sent are bad, but the new ones matches the files we sent to the factory.

We encourage you to play the Cup Mode. Please let us know your thoughts in the main comment section. Your comments for the rulebook also are welcome, we're ready to hear you. You can share your pictures and stories with us in social media or in Draco Studios Discord server.

How Lair works?

LAIR is a sister company (subsidiary from Draco Studios), a platform to store and access your 3D printable and PDF files for tabletop gaming. Many features are under development; in the future you will be able to connect (offer or get) with 3D printing/painting services near your area, share your creations or remixes with the community, find more 3D models or games and more! 

Right now, LAIR is on Alpha version 0.0.2 

1. Look in your inbox, spam or promotions folder for an email from LAIR.

2. Copy the provided password and click on the link to access to the site.

3. Click Log in and enter your Kickstarter email; paste the provided password.

4. Access to your files in your Library collections or by file type. 

5. Click on the Download button and start printing!

  • If you already had an active account (with Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna recent fulfillment) you should access to your existing account.
  • There is currently no account management site, but in version 0.0.3 (released next week) you will be able to change your password or request a password reset.
  • At this moment, only the core game files (PnP PDF files and 3D printable files) were included. In some weeks, distribution for other optional add-ons such as War for Chicken Island Print and Play, Mecha-Chicken Dinosaur / Dodosaurus egg-throne, Artbook and any other digital files will begin and you will find them in your collections. (You will get an e-mail from LAIR as well).

Ok ok, updated PnP is ready what is the next step?

Good question, we're moving fast. We almost arrived to the Digital Proof step with Panda Manufacturing. What does this means? This means we are very close to unlock the Preproduction Copy of Dodos riding Dinos. Roooaaarrrr!!!! We will get some components samples very soon!

In addition, our localization partners are still working in the translations, so we're moving in the right direction.

That's all for this update Roooarmy! See you running!!!

We're looking for all terrain racers. Are you ready to win the Dodino Cup?
about 1 month ago – Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 12:39:22 AM

Hello Roooarmy!!!

Here we are with an unexpected no birthday update! We already told you that Cup Mode became the definitive Dodos riding Dinos experience, so put attention to the following info about the Dodino World.

To win the Dodino cup you must race across the four tracks mastering their unique challenges. Each map has an inner track recommended for 5 or 6 players, and an outer track for 4 players or less.

Please take a look to the details.  

Dodino Island

The place where Dodos and Dinos live in peace… but our leader has been crushed by a meteorite! Now, we must run to claim the Dodosaurus Egg-throne before the others. It seems the island only have the Finish line and Regular hex markers... But who knows, maybe it has the greatest secret of the game.

Wich is the big secret in Dodino Island? The Dodos have the answer.

Ignis Volcano

Your Dodos have fallen in the volcano! Dinos, you must jump into the crater to rescue them! Keep running and avoid burning your legs with the hot volcanic terrain.

In this track there are special Flame hexes. You can only enter a flame hex by advancing an exact amount of hexes into it. Alternatively, you may choose to ignore the flame hex and follow the track in the corresponding adjacent hex. You cannot enter flame hexes by going back.

When you finish on a Flame hex, choose one of the following effects to resolve: 

  • A) Ashes: Take any card of your choice from the discard pile. 
  • B) Fireballs: Deal 1 damage to all Racers standing in the closest 2 hexes (any direction, regardless of the distance) with Racers on it.
The second trail in the Dodino Cup Mode is hot!

Polaria Iceberg

During the winter, it is common to see icebergs near Dodino Island. The strong icy winds make bridges and the Dinos sometimes cross to explore these cold lands.

This map have dangerous shortcuts. In the track there are hexes with shortcut signals followed by shorcut hexes. When you step a shortcut signal you must roll a die (which does not trigger Racer abilities or provide additional movement):

  • 4, 5, or 6 (Success): Continue advancing through the shortcut.
  • 1, 2, or 3 (Failure): Take 1 damage and continue advancing through the regular path.

The inner track of this map have an additional special condition: Deep snow What does this mean? The Speed value on Movement cards is reduced by one, but don't worry, this only affects Speed value, not result from dice, effects, abilities or powers. 

In spite of the thick snow in the inner track, its seems this is the fastest challenge.

Boreal sky

We need to tell you this again: Making this map possible was our dream since the beginning of the campaign due to its reference on our favorite racing videogame, so we put a lot of effort to make it unforgettable and... how we can say this without being smug?... Hmmm... We can't, we did it and is amazingroooaaarrr!!!

In this track, there are two new hexes: the glass ramp and the landing hexes. When you arrive into a glass ramp you must try to jump to the other side crossing the sky. Flick an Egg token (without damage or triggering any Racer abilities) from the glass ramp to the landing hexes (the ones with a printed paw). Every try has a cost of 1 movement. If the egg touches any landing hex, place your Racer on that hex to continue advancing... sounds easy, don't you think? 

If you finish your jumping attempts and you don’t succeed, you must choose one of the following options:

  •  1. Take 2 damage and continue in the landing hex with the smallest paw. 
  • 2. Finish your turn in the glass ramp to retry the next time you advance.
The hardest trick to master: Jump!!! Roooaaarrr!!!

Now, you're an expert in the Dodino World. Remember you can choose any map to play a single race or try the Derby mode.

Finally, here's a sneak peek of the War for Chicken Island crossover celebrating the game will arrive soon!

Dodos riding Dinos X War for Chicken Island

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTICE: For backers who selected Split-shipping for War for Chicken Island, you have 48-hrs to update your address in Backerkit. Fulfillment for War for Chicken Island will start in October but the freight shipping is starting this week! Once you receive your copy of War for Chicken Island -again, only for backers who selected Split Shipping before today- we will unlock addresses again in case you need to update it once Dodos Riding Dinos is ready.

Do you want more unexpected no birthday updates? Let us hear your roooaaarrr and tell us if liked this one in the comments!!!!

Development complete! Derby mode spoilers and another cake!
about 2 months ago – Wed, Sep 02, 2020 at 01:30:32 AM

Hi Dodino Island!

How are you? As usual we've been working hard with the game and the effort has been worthwhile. We can say that the development stage for the English version of the game is 99% done. What does this mean? It means we'll be able to proceed to the next stage: Prepress with the factory. On one hand, in the big picture, this milestone allow us to start working with the manufacturer for the digital proofs and component samples, which will take us 1 step closer to get the preproduction copy. On the other hand, having a finished and locked version of the game unlocks a new path to start the official translation with our localization partners. So, hold your breath, maybe we'll be writing very soon with component samples from the factory...

We also want to share with you that we have learnt a lot during the process. We are the first critics of our work and we detest mediocrity. We're always looking for how to improve and develop our skills. As we already mentioned, our commitment for delivering you the best game that Dodos riding Dinos can be, is total. Here's an evidence of William leveling up +5 in his "Rulebook Read Proof skill".

Great job Lord Kickstarta! Just in time! Thanks!

(That's just his avatar for reference during this social distancing times) Editing and proofreading of the rulebook and all components has finished. Terminology, consistency and layout has greatly improved and you will notice this. An updated version of the Print and Play (for backers who included the add-on) will be sent by the end of September.

And now, time to test your Derby skills. Welcome the 8 player game variant World Premiere!!!

Eight Dinos in the race! 

Choose your partner and win the Dodosaurus Egg-throne together.    

Are you ready to ruuuumble???!!!

Rules remain as usual except for the following changes:

Additional setup

Assemble 4 teams:

  • Team 1: First and fifth player.
  • Team 2: Second and sixth player.
  • Team 3: Third and seventh player.
  • Team 4: Fourth and eighth player.

The players first to fourth are positioned in the inner track. The rest of the players will run in the outer one. The fifth player will be the first player in that track. Remember you must follow the base setup rules.

How to play

Run two races simultaneously using the full board. Help your partner to be the Derby winner couple. Take into account the following new rules:

Scheming phase.

  • After revealing cards, the team or teams that played the same type of card, must advance their Racers 1 hex following the turn order. Of course, you can’t talk with your partner about which type of card you will choose.
  • Five or more aggressive cards are needed to consider the racers who played them enraged.

Running phase.

  • The projectiles can hit everybody. The only exception is the feather, it only works in the thrower’s track.
  • Block and Megablock can be used in any track.

End of the round.

  • Pass the First-player marker to the player on the left.
  • The Lead Racers on each track advance 2 hexes.
  • The 2nd place on each track advances 1 hex and draws 1 card.
  • All other players draw 2 cards.

Players who finish their track must remove their Racers from the board.

When the second player of a single team finishes their track, if is the farthest those players will be the winning team.

A removed Racer can continue supporting its teammate. That player keeps playing cards from their hand until they have no cards in hand. The effect from those Movement cards is ignored but the Speed value is added to the teammate’s Racer.

What's next?

Here's a summary of what we will be doing during the next 30 days:

  • Digital proofs and samples: We will work with the factory to approve digital proofs for printed components while receiving samples from non-printed components.
  • Translations: We will handle Spanish translation of the files ourselves and we will coordinate German, French, and Italian translations with localization partners.
  • Update Print and Play files and STL files: By the end of September we will send a revised (edited) version of the whole game along with translated files if they are also available by that time. STL files with the final scaling will be sent as well (a couple of STLs ended up being slightly larger or smaller than intended).
  • War for Chicken Island split shipping preparatives: our friends from Draco Studios let us know that War for Chicken Island production is scheduled to be finished on mid September. Freight shipping and fulfillment will be happening during October.
  • Developing next game: our priority remains with Dodos Riding Dinos but since we are done with development (game design, graphic design, illustration, writing, editing, etc) most of the work will become management and coordination from our friends at Draco Studios. We are starting to work on pre-development for the third game that will consolidate Creature Kingdoms and allow you to merge your games in a single gaming experience.

 Who is next?

William and the team at Draco Studios will be working with Panda Manufacturing in the files revision. Meanwhile, we have been sailing through the Avian Archipelago and flying the skies of the Creature Kingdoms atop our dragon looking for the perfect island or continent for our next game.

Gnomosapiens have joined the team again and their artists have done some early concept drawings about our explorations.

Creative explorations

We would love to know if you have seen something interesting in the Creature Kingdoms that we haven't. Please leave us your insights in the comments!!!

Another Cake?

Yeah, we're very happy. We accomplished our deadline for the final English revision on September 1st. We did it! So we deserve a dessert!... Mmm... Ok, not exactly.

Maybe Pepe deserves a cake because today it is his birthday. What do you think? I became 39 and I'm the eldest member in our group, so, be kind and show a little respect! 

Pepe with his daughter Paula who is a fan of dinosaurs since the beginning of Dodos Riding Dinos. Paula is going to taste chocolate cake for the first time!

Finally, we promise you a next update soon when we have news from China, or when another team member has its birthday. Whichever comes first!!! Rooooaaaarrr!!!

What's under the Dodo Egg-Throne? Dino Dad Special Day and spoilers, SPOILERS everywhere!
3 months ago – Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 08:50:52 PM

 Hi Dodino Island! How are you!

As we already said, Dodino Island is a place full of secrets. We have just discovered that there is something under the Dodo Egg-Throne.

What is under the Dodo Egg Throne?

We'll give you five seconds for your best guess.







If you thought something like: "There is a big party adventure under the Dodo Egg Throne with Dodo Cakes" You're a genius. We're having right now a gaming party due to Ruben "Dino Dad" Bday. He became 30. So we've prepared an update with many surprises.

Tomorrow is also Alina's Birthday. They were separated at birth. Detestable Games got them together again.

Cup Mode

We're not only happy due to Ruben's and Alina's birthday. We're also very happy because we've enjoyed a lot playtesting the Cup Mode. We can tell you that Cup mode is the best way for playing Dodos riding Dinos.   

So, here's the surprise we've working on:  The Power Up Cards are coming with... a bunch of food?   

It seems they come from different places from the Creature Kingdoms. Are they hidden clues for the next games? What do you think? Please take a look.


Any guess? Which one represents a game or characters coming to the Creature Kingdoms Universe? Remember the third game will come with a fourth one (Game system) that merge the experience.

Backerkit - Lock Orders

All of this is exciting but let's go back to important matters... have you filled your Backerkit survey?  

If not or if you would like to add extra items, please go to: and fill your survey as soon as possible.

  • We are looking to lock orders on Saturday August 1st so we can commit on final numbers with the factory.
  •  Cards will be charged on Monday August 3rd so we can confirm the add-ons we need to distribute.
  • Digital files will be distributed on Wednesday August 5th.

Ok ok, we know there are a couple of things refraining you to finish your survey.  

War for Chicken Island Gameplay video - Draco Studios let us know that they recorded a Gameplay video this past weekend and they are editing it, so it will be published sometime in August. Some of you are not sure about whether to add this game to your pledge or not. But luckily for you, there are still plenty of copies left and Draco Studios will have online preorders (we will let you know) once the games arrive. So you can still keep thinking about it for some months, until you realize that having all Creature Kingdoms games is just too appealing to let the opportunity pass.  

Kux & Babbey language Loyalty reward - As mentioned when Pledge Manager went live, we added the loyalty reward of Kux & Babbey to returning backers in advance. This was done via Backerkit and by adding the English version. There was no feature in Backerkit that would allow us to predict the language you were choosing for your game. So as mentioned before, we will change the language of your Kux & Babbey loyalty reward to match the language you chose for your game.   

Digital rewards (Print and Play + STL files) - To backers in the reward tier for the digital files (and day-1 backers) we have sent via DriveThruRPG the Print & Play and STL files. (If you haven't received your download code, please search your SPAM, Promotions and Social folders for an email; if you still can't find it please write to with the subject "Missing DRD files"). It is important to note that backers who upgraded their pledge, preordered or include add-ons for the PnP or STL files will get their codes on Wednesday August 5th

In addition, this is just v1.0 of the PnP. While we originally didn't intend to include all stretch goals in the PnP, there will be another digital fulfillment for v2.0 along with translated PnP. That will take place once we enter into manufacture with the approved files and translations.

A new project from our sister company

As you may know, Draco Studios is a large group with several teams and 3 major universes.

Dodos Riding Dinos is part of Creature Kingdoms (just like War for Chicken Island). Then, there's Eldritch Century, and finally, Dragonbond, a high-fantassy setting. LAIR is a subsidiary company from Draco Studios focused on 3D printing for tabletop assets and recently fulfilled STL files for Legendary Dragons (still in progress with fulfillment of the last rewards) but they are ready to start a new adventure on 3D printing for Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna.

Click on the image to see the project

There are some very cool models for RPG and wargaming and now that we have started on 3D printing as well to test print our own Dodos (and the massive egg-throne) we offered to help with a test print, here's our Skorpikon rider printed on our FDM Ender3.

So, feel free to check it out:

PnP & 3D Print files

We already wrote this info above but since we received two very common questions about the PnP here's the summary again on its own section with the answers.

  • I took the PnP add on in Backerkit. You'll receive your files next week after the Lock Order had done.
  • I only got one track in the PnP. First fact: You can enjoy the DrD gameplay with the Dodino Island track. Second fact: We'll send the complete second version once the game is finished, thanks for your patience in advance.

Finally, we want to end this update with the following videos of Jabb's 3D printed painted minis. He printed and painted all the Dodinos. Thanks you so much Jabb!!!

See you soon! Roooaaaarrrr!!!